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NOTICE - Identi-Tape is open for business and shipping orders during this challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are an "essential" supplier to a number of high level businesses that require we ship products to them on an uninterrupted basis.  We will continue to operate and ship all orders to all customers for the duration of this crisis.

IDENTI-TAPE specializes in safety reflective tapes, photoluminescent tapes, and many other kinds of colored adhesive tapes.  The minimum dollar amount for an order is $10.00.  We offer multiple UPS and US Postal Service shipping options.  90% of orders ship the same day as received.  Expedited shipping is available until 3:00 PM Denver time

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       2" Gaffer Tape - $5 - $6 off per roll + additional quantity discounts
       Super-engineering Grade Reflective Tape - 25% off 1-inch through 6-inch widths
       3" Colored Vinyl Tape - for the price of 2-inch!  And additional quantity discounts!

       Checkered Tapes in 5 color combinations
       Bargain Bin - more discounted tapes - most 50% off


   3M  Engineer Grade Reflective Tape - for flow-rate coding of fire hydrants and for reflective dance hoops.
   3M  973 Flexible Prismatic Tape on SALE - for helmets of all kinds, bicycles, and other curved surfaces.
   3M  983 Diamond Grade Reflective Tape - conspicuity tape for truck & work trailers, fire trucks, vehicles & equipment.
   3M  FRA Railcar Conspicuity Tape - for reflectorizing railcars & locomotives.
   3M  High-gain Reflective Tape - 3M's 7610 and 3000X reflective tapes for laser & infrared sensors and motion capture.
   3M  8830, 8850, 8886, & 8887 Adhesive Reflective Tape - for motorcycle jackets, helmets, saddlebags, outerwear, packs & satchels
   3M  Sew-on Reflective Fabrics - 3M  8910, 8935 FR, 8987, 9910, and 9587 NFPA sew-on reflective fabric tapes.
   3M  Heat-Transfer (Iron-on) Reflective Material - 3M 8700 series reflective material in silver, fluor. yellow and orange.
   3M  Sew-on Reflective Vinyl Vest Trim - 3M 6100 series high-gloss reflective vest trim in white, lime, and fluor. orange.
   3M  US Coast Guard Approved Reflective Tapes
         3M  USCG Flexible Prismatic Reflective Tape - for dayboards & buoys.  Great for helmets and saddlebags.
         3M  SOLAS - marine grade reflective tape for life vests, rain jackets, & safety gear.

Blue means link to product page.  All items are in stock unless indicated as "Temporarily Out"

Board & Artists Paper Tape - aka console tape; 4 super-fluorescent colors and 3 widths of acid-free white.
Bargain Bin - discounted and discontinued tapes.
Carton Sealing Tape - Clear and fluorescent colored carton sealing tapes.
Checkered Tapes on SALE - checkered and striped tapes for warehouse, factory, and showroom floors.
Color-coding Tape - high temperature proof vinyl in 16 colors for glassware, tools, and identification.  RoHS compliant.
Console Tape - aka board & artists tape: a smooth write-on paper tape for sound boards, medical records folders, etc.
Conspicuity Tape - we stock two brands of US made DOT truck and fire apparatus conspicuity tape, both below:
        3M 983 Diamond Grade Reflective Tapes
        Oralite V82 Superbright Conspicuity Tapes.
Decorative Metallic, Prismatic, and Holographic Tapes - please visit our affiliate
Dispensers & Slitters on SALE - multi-roll tape dispensers & tape slitters.
Duct Tape: 20 colors in 1-inch duct tape and 12 vivid colors in 2-inch.
Electrical Tape - 16 Colors Total; 12 CPSIA & RoHS compliant, plus 5 more colors RoHS compliant.
3M Engineer Grade Reflective Tapes - flexible and conformable and great for striping on vehicles, bicycles, and fire hydrants.
Engineer Grade (Import) on SALE - 6-inch reflective tapes for fire trucks, EMS vehicles, barricades and bollards; in red, yellow, white, and blue.
Fire Apparatus (Trucks) and EMS Vehicles - below, 3 types of reflective tape for chevrons on the backs of emergency vehicles:
        3M 983 Diamond Grade - 4" & 6" red and fluorescent yellow-green reflective tape         
        Oralite V98 - 4" & 6" high-intensity red and fluorescent lime, and 6" white and blue reflective tapes
        Engineer Grade - 6-inch reflective tapes for trucks and barricades in red, yellow, white, and blue.
        Fire Hydrant Reflective Tape - 3M Engineer grade and 3M 973 on SALE to color code hydrants by flow rate to NFPA standards.
Flagging Tape - PVC flagging tape in 28 colors & patterns for events and field operations.
Flame Resistant Sew-on Fabric - Quality Imported flame resistant, silver reflective and reflective triple trim tapes.
Floor-marking Tape - PVC tape in 15 colors (incl. OSHA) in 2", 3" on SALE, and 4" on SALE widths for plant & warehouse floors.
Fluorescent Tapes aka "neon", fluorescent yellow, green, orange, & pink tapes.
Gaffer Tape - for hoops, theater, and climbing walls - Pro-Tape gaffer available in 1", 2" on SALE, 3" on SALE
Glow-in-the-Dark Tape - Long-life, High Energy Long-life, Matte Green, and Blue Photoluminescent.
Harness Tape - vinyl automotive wire harness tape in 16 colors; RoHS and CPSIA compliant.
Hazard-Striped Reflective Tape - high intensity adhesive reflective tapes for bollards, barricades, and concrete & plastic dividers.
Hazard-Striped Vinyl Floor Tape - striped vinyl floor tape in 2" and 4" widths and 6 color combos.
High-gain Reflective Tape - 3M's 7610 and 3000X high gain reflective tapes for laser & infrared sensors and motion capture.
High-Intensity Reflective Tape - Oralite V92 & V98 in 8 colors for hoops, vehicles, and fire trucks.
Hydrant Tape on SALE - 3M 973 Flexible Prismatic in 1", 1-1/2", and 3" for color-coding hydrants to flow rate.
Imported Reflective Fabric Tapes - Sew-on relective fabrics in regular, flame resistant (FR), and yellow/silver/yellow triple trim.
Instrument Identification Tape - narrow width colored vinyl ID-Tape for surgical instruments, tools, climbing gear, etc.
Identi-Tape (Gear-Tape) - autoclave and dishwasher proof - 14 striped colors for day care items, climbing gear, instruments, etc.
Labeling Tape - 1/2-in and 3/4-in smooth paper label tape, 16 colors for hospitals, labs, kitchens & libraries.
Masking Tape, Colored - 12 colors of 1-inch and 2-inch on SALE, rolls and cartons, for schools, inventory, temporary staging ares, etc.
Miscellaneous - tape slitters & tape dispensers (both hand-held and multi-roll).
NFPA Reflective Tape - 4" and 6" 3M Diamond Grade red and fluorescent yellow-green for the backs of fire trucks & apparatus.
Photoluminescent Tapes - emergency egress, 10-hour long-life, and 24-hour ultra-premium, photoluminescent tread tape.
Protective Film Tape - "crystal clear" film tape for protecting hoops and overlaying labels.
Reflective Barricade Tape - Striped reflective hazard tape in ornage/white, red/white, and yellow/red.
Railcar Conspicuity Tape -  FRA approved tape for reflectorizing railcars & locomotives.
Reflective Tape, Adhesive - all types of self-adhesive reflective tapes for transportation and personal safety.
Reflective Tapes, Iron-on - for T-shirts, work shirts, and light jackets, where visibility is a must.
Reflective Fabric, Sew-on - regular, triple-trim, and FR-rated reflective fabrics for vests, coveralls, workshirts, and firecoats.
Route Setting & Marking Tape - for climbing gyms.  1-inch gaffer tape for marking holds.
Samples - how to obtain samples of tapes.
Sew-on Reflective Fabric - 3M (US made) regular and FR-rated sew-on reflective fabrics for coveralls, workshirts, bunker coats, etc.
Slitters - Ronan tape slitters and slitter blades - (10-packs) for slitting tapes to narrower widths.
Striped and Checked Tapes - adhesive striped and checkered vinyl tapes for warehouse & factory floors.
CLOSE-OUT: Super-Engineer Grade Reflective Tape on SALE1-inch, 2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch widths.
Vest Trim - safety reflective triple-trim for utility and roadworker vests.
Vinyl Floor Marking Tape - in 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch widths in 16 colors for plant & warehouse floors.
Vinyl Colored Marking Tape - in 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch.
Vinyl Mini-Tape - 1/8" & 1/4" width vinyl mini-tapes for identification of instruments, tools, carabiners, ethernet cables, etc..
White and Posterboard Tape - perfect for application to signs, posters, and whiteboards!  6 colors and 3 widths. 
Wire Harness Tape - high temperature proof vinyl in 16 colors for wire harnessing, bundling, and identification.