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IDENTI-TAPE Inc. specializes in colored tape.  We are a registered governmental vendor with federal CAGE Code 43A38.  The minimum dollar amount for an order is $10.00.  Expedited shipping is available until 3:30 PM Denver time.

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  Identi-Tape's Special Sale Items:  

50-yd rolls of 1" Jessup 7530 long-life Photoluminescent Tape - $8 off!
1" width Checkered Vinyl Tapes closing out!!
Transparent Glitter Tapes - $5.00 off!
Bargain Bin - more discounted and discontinued tapes - Most 50% off!


     3M  983 Diamond Grade Reflective Tape - Conspicuity Tape for truck & work trailers, fire trucks, vehicles, heavy equipment.
     3M  Engineer Grade Reflective Tape - for reflective performance & dance hoops and flow-rate coding of fire hydrants.
     3M  FRA Railcar Conspicuity Tape - for reflectorizing Railcars & Locomotives.
     3M  US Coast Guard Approved Reflective Tapes
             3M  USCG Flexible Prismatic Reflective Tape for dayboards & buoys.  Great for helmets and saddlebags.
             3M  SOLAS Marine Grade reflective tape for life vests, rain jackets, & safety gear.
     3M  High-gain Reflective Tape - 3M's 7610 and 3000X reflective tapes for laser & infrared sensors and motion capture.
     3M  8850 & 8887 Adhesive Reflective Tape 8850 for outerwear, packs, & satchels.  8887 for helmets and saddlebags.
     3M  Sew-on Reflective Fabrics - 3M  8910, 8935 FR, 8987, 9910, and 9587 NFPA sew-on reflective fabric tapes.
     3M  Heat-Transfer (Iron-on) Reflective Material - 3M 8700 series reflective material in silver, fluor. yellow orange.
     3M  Sew-on Reflective Vinyl Vest Trim - 3M 6100 series high-gloss reflective vest trim in white, lime, and fluor. orange.

Links to product pages.  All items are in stock unless indicated "Temp Out"

Fluorescent Paper Tape - aka board, artists or console tape; 4 super fluorescent colors.
Bargain Bin - Discounted and Discontinued Tapes.
Camouflage Tape - 7 different camo tape color schemes for hoops and climbing walls.
Chart & Map Tape - for dry erase boards and tables, graphs, & maps.  Also see Vinyl Identification Tapes
Checked and Striped Tapes - adhesive checkered and striped tapes for warehouse & factory floors.
Color-coding Tape - High temperature proof vinyl in 16 colors for glassware, tools, and identification.  RoHS compliant.
Console Tape - aka board & artists tape: a smooth write-on paper tape for sound boards, medical records folders, etc.
Conspicuity Tape - 3M  983 Diamond Grade Reflective Tapes and Reflexite V82 Superbright Conspicuity Tapes.
Decorative Tapes - Transparent Glitter, Exotic, Glitter, Holographic, Mirror, Prismatic, Sequins, Slick-gloss
Dispensers & Slitters - Multi-roll Tape Dispensers & Tape Slitters.
Duct Tape in 20 colors! - Premium quality duct tape in 1-inch and 2-inch widths.
Electrical Tape - 12 colors CPSIA & RoHS compliant, plus more colors RoHS compliant.
Engineer Grade Reflective Tapes - 3M Scotchlite is flexible and conformable.  Great for fire hydrants and hoops.
Fire Apparatus (Trucks) - Reflective Tapes for back ends in 3 kinds:
     Engineer Grade Reflective Tapes - flexible and conformable; 4" & 6" red, yellow, white, and orange
     Reflexite V98 - 4" & 6" conformable high-intensity red and fluorescent yellow-green reflective tape
     3M 983 Diamond Grade - 4" & 6" red and fluorescent yellow-green reflective tape
Fish Lure Tape - 4" & 6" wide color-shifting and holographic tapes for lures, flashers, and other crafts.
Flagging Tape - PVC flagging tape in 28 colors & patterns for field operations: solids colors and stripes.
Flame Resistant Sew-on Fabric - High-Quality Imported flame resistant, silver reflective and reflective triple trim tapes.
Floor-marking Tape - PVC tape in 15 colors (incl. OSHA) in 2", 3", and 4" widths for plant & warehouse floors.
Fluorescent Tapes aka "neon", fluorescent yellow, green, orange, & pink tapes.
Gaffer Tape - for hoops, theater, and climbing walls - Pro-Tape gaffer available in 1/4", 1/2", 1", 2", 3" & 4"
Gaffer Symbol Tapes - For climbing gyms: Triquetras, Stars & Moons, Hearts, & Yin-Yangs, all on 1-inch gaffer tape.
Gate-Arm Tape - 3M GA1616 Flexible prismatic red & white reflective gate arm tape.
Gear-Tape (Identi-Tape) - high temp. proof - 14 colors for climbing gear, tools, instruments, glassware, etc.
Grip Tape - 3M Grip Tape for dance hoops, tools, mowers and equipment handles!  Soft, cushiony, and durable.
Harness Tape - Vinyl Automotive Wire Harness Tape in 16 colors; CPSI compliant.
Hazard-Striped Reflective Tape - High intensity adhesive reflective tapes for bollards, barricades, and concrete & plastic dividers.
High-gain Reflective Tape - 3M's 7610 and 3000X high gain reflective tapes for laser & infrared sensors and motion capture.
High-Intensity Reflective Tape - Reflexite's V82, V92 & V98 in 8 colors for vehicles, fire trucks and more.
High-gloss Vinyl Tape - our original Slick-GlossTM high-gloss vinyl tapes, in 20 colors!
Hoop Tape - tape for decorating your hoops - rainbows of colors & dazzling holographic patterns.
Instrument Identification Tape - narrow width colored vinyl ID-Tape for surgical instruments, tools, cables, etc.
Identi-Tape (Gear-Tape) - autoclave and dishwasher proof - 14 colors for glassware, instruments, tools, etc.
Labeling Tape - 1/2-in and 3/4-in smooth paper label tape, 18 colors for hospitals, labs, kitchens & libraries.
Masking Tape, Colored - 12 colors of 1-inch and 12 colors of 2-inch for schools, inventory, etc.
Miscellaneous - Tape Slitters & Tape Dispensers (both hand-held and multi-roll).
NFPA Reflective Tape - 4" and 6" conformable V98 red and fluorescent lime for backs of fire trucks & apparatus.
Photoluminescent Tape (glow-in-the-dark) - 10-hour "Long-Life", and 24+ hour "High-energy Long-life".
Protective Film Tape "Crystal Clear" film tape for protecting hoops and overlaying labels.
Railcar Conspicuity Tape -  FRA approved tape for reflectorizing Railcars & Locomotives.
Reflective Tapes - Gateway to all types of reflective tapes for personal safety, transportation, and industrial applications.
     Reflective Tapes, Adhesive: Super-Engineering Grade Reflective Tape - 6 colors in 1-inch, 2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch widths.
     Reflective Tapes, Heat Transfer (Iron-on) - for T-shirts, work shirts, and light jackets, where visibility is a must.
     Reflective Fabrics, Sew-on - 3M Brand, 8910, 8935, 8987, 9587, silver and fluorescent.
     Reflective Fabrics, Sew-on - High-Quality Imported, regular, flame resistant, and triple trim.
Reflexite - Reflexite V82 superbright, super tough vehicle conspicuity tapes.
Samples - How to obtain samples of tapes.
Slick-glossTM Vinyl Tape - our original Slick-GlossTM high-gloss vinyl tapes in 1/2", 1", and 2" widths.
Slitters - Ronan tape slitters - for slitting tapes with a backing to narrower widths.
Striped and Checked Tapes - adhesive striped and checkered vinyl tapes for warehouse & factory floors.
Super-Engineer Grade Reflective Tape1-inch, 2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch widths.
Symbols - Triquetras, Stars, Moons & Yin-Yang Symbols printed on 1" gaffer tape.
Vest Trim - Safety Reflective Triple-Trim for vests, jumpsuits, uniforms.
Vinyl Tape and Floor Marking Tape - vinyl tape in 15 colors & 7 widths for color coding and plant & warehouse floors.
Vinyl Mini-Tape - 1/8" & 1/4" width vinyl mini-tapes for identification of instruments, tools, carabiners, ethernet cables, etc..
Vinyl Tape, Slick-gloss - high-gloss vinyl tape in 15 colors for hoops and more.
Whiteboard Tape - perfect for application to whiteboards! Leaves no residue - 6 colors and 3 widths.