3M Scotchlite Engineer Grade Reflective Tapes

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3M SCOTCHLITE ENGINEER GRADE REFLECTIVE STRIPING TAPE - in 9 Colors (including 2 non-3M).  These all are pliable and conformable reflective tapes that can be applied on many different surfaces.  Ideal for applying reflective striping around the bonnet edge of fire hydrants to color code them according to flow rate (see rate table to right).  Reflective striping makes hydrants visible at night when they otherwise may be hard to locate.  Wonderful also for dance and performance hoops, it comes in a spectrum of seven vivid colors (and black).  Use the colors of the rainbow to create an exciting reflective hoop (see some on YouTube).  This 3M Scotchlite engineer grade reflective tape is a TYPE I reflective material and conforms to the requirements of ASTM D 4956.  It is 7-mils in thickness and has a peel-off backing and permanent acrylic adhesive.  These all meet federal specification LS-300C (Engineer Grade) for reflectivity, longevity (7-year minimum), and resistance to weathering.  It should be applied in the temperature range of 55ºF to 100ºF, but is service rated from -30ºF to 200ºF.  Multiples of the same color will be sent as one continuous roll unless specified otherwise in the "comment box" when checking out.  Three-inch width available at this link3-inch


RED < 500 gpm
ORANGE 500 - 1,000 gpm
GREEN 1,000 - 1,500 gpm
BLUE > 1,500 gpm

Flexible Engineer Grade Reflective Adhesive Tape
for fire hydrants & reflective dance and performance hoops
Approximate Color Color Sizes Price per
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  White 1" x 15' $8.00 3Msr1w Qty:
1" x 150' $49.00 3MsrR1w Qty:
  Red 1" x 15' $8.00 3Msr1r Qty:
1" x 150' $49.00 3MsrR1r Qty:
  Orange 1" x 15' $8.00 3Msr1o Qty:
1" x 150' $49.00 3MsrR1o Qty:
  Yellow 1" x 15' $8.00 3Msr1y Qty:
1" x 150' $49.00 3MsrR1y Qty:
  Green 1" x 15' $8.00 3Msr1gn Qty:
1" x 150' $49.00 3MsrR1gn (out)
  Blue 1" x 15' $8.00 3Msr1bl Qty:
1" x 150' $49.00 3MsrR1bl Qty:
1" x 15' $7.00 sr1vi Qty:
1" x 150' $38.00 srR1vi Qty:
  Purple 1" x 15' $8.00 3Msr1pu Qty:
1" x 150' $49.00 3MsrR1pu (out)
Fluorescent Yellow-Green Flexible Engineering Grade Tape Fluorescent

1" x 15' $7.50 sr1fyg Qty:
1" x 150' $44.00 srR1fyg Qty:
3M Black Eng. Grade Tape (2-in x 30-ft)
(Black Reflects White)
(reflecting white)
1" x 15' $8.00 3Msr1bk Qty:
1" x 150' $49.00 3MsrR1bk Qty:
2" x 15' $18.00 3Msr2bk Qty:
2" x 150' $96.00 3MsrR2bk Qty:
Tape Slitter Click HERE to see a great little tool for slitting these tapes to narrower widths
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