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3M's US Coast Guard approved Flexible Prismatic Reflective Tape (USCGFP) is a marine grade reflective tape that comes in 5 vivid colors.  It is designed for permanent marking of navigational buoys, channel markers, dayboards, and similar equipment subject to conditions of extreme ocean weather, temperature, and saltwater.  It adheres to painted steel, molded polyethylene, aluminum sheet, cast vinyl, medium density plywood, and other materials (see product info for specifications).  3M's marine grade reflective tape is highly flexible and conformable and is an excellent choice for use on flight helmets, motorcycle helmets, saddlebags, and kayaks.  Edge-sealed to protect against infiltration by dirt and moisture.  Thickness is from 10 to 14 mils (0.010" - 0.014").  Multiple rolls of the same color may be sent as a continous length unless otherwise specified in the "Comment Box" when checking out.
3M Marine Grade USCG High Intensity Reflective Adhesive Tape
US Coast Guard (USCG) approved for use on dayboards, channel markers (nuns, cans, & offshore buoys)
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3M USCGFP-30 White
2" x 15-ft $30.00 3Mhi2w Qty:
2" x 150-ft $195.00 3MhiR2w Qty:
3" x 15-ft $44.00 3Mhi3w Qty:
3" x 150-ft $290.00 3MhiR3w Qty:
6" x 15-ft $76.00 3Mhi6w Qty:
6" x 150-ft $569.00 3MhiR6w Qty:
3M USCGFP-31 Yellow
2" x 15-ft $30.00 3Mhi2y Qty:
2" x 150-ft $195.00 3MhiR2y Qty:
3" x 15-ft $44.00 3Mhi3y Qty:
3" x 150-ft $290.00 3MhiR3y Qty:
6" x 150-ft $569.00 3MhiR6y Qty:
allow 7 days to ship
3M USCGFP-34 Orange
2" x 15-ft $30.00 3Mhi2o Qty:
2" x 150-ft $195.00 3MhiR2o Qty:
3" x 15-ft $44.00 3Mhi3o Qty:
3" x 150-ft $290.00 3MhiR3o Qty:
6" x 150-ft $569.00 3MhiR6o Qty:
allow 7 days to ship
3M USCGFP-32 Red
2" x 15-ft $30.00 3Mhi2r Qty:
2" x 150-ft $195.00 3MhiR2r Qty:
3" x 15-ft $44.00 3Mhi3r Qty:
3" x 150-ft $290.00 3MhiR3r Qty:
6" x 15-ft $76.00 3Mhi6r Qty:
6" x 150-ft $569.00 3MhiR6r Qty:
allow 7 days to ship
3M USCGFP-37 Green
2" x 15-ft $30.00 3Mhi2g Qty:
2" x 150-ft $195.00 3MhiR2g Qty:
3" x 15-ft $44.00 3Mhi3g Qty:
3" x 150-ft $290.00 3MhiR3g Qty:
6" x 150-ft $569.00 3MhiR6g Qty:
allow 7 days to ship
Greater Widths Available by Special Order
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