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Tape Bargain Bin - Discounted and discontinued tapes at sale prices - the following tapes have been discontinued and are discounted for quick sale - cheap!  Quantities are limited to stock on hand. 

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Flexible Engineering Grade Reflective Tapes (close-out)
(encapsulated glass bead type reflective surface)
4-inch Engineer Grade Reflective Tape Engineer Grade

flexible and stretchy
nice quality reflective tape
2" x 150' $58.00
now $39.00
srR2w Qty:
(2 left)
4" x 150' $109.00
now $72.00
srR4w Qty:
(1 left)
Reflective Tapes (micro-prismatic)
Reflexite V82 Red Reflective Tape
Reflexite V82 Red Reflective Tape
V82 Red Reflective Tape, 1" stacked on 2"
Rollover to Enlarge
Reflexite V82
Reflective Tape

(specs & reflectivities)
1" x 15-ft $14.00
now $7.00
srhi82,1r Qty:
(3 left)
Metalized Deco Tapes
Metallic Golden Mercury Tape
Metallic Golden Mercury Tape
1" Metallic Golden Mercury Tape
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Golden Mercury
shifts from silver to gold
1" x 150' $16.00
now $9.00
rmRM1gm Qty:
Snake-eye Opal Hoop Tape
Snake-Eye Opal Tape
1" Snake-Eye Opal Hoop Tape
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Snake-Eye OpalTM
prisms of colors that
mesmerize & hypnotize
3/4" x 150'
now $12.00
rxoM.75seo Qty:
1" x 150' $22.00
now $15.00
rxoM1seo Qty:
Transparent Sunburst Tape
Transparent Sunburst Tape on a Hoop
Transparent Sunburst on a Transparent Hoop
Rollover to Enlarge
Transparent Sunburst
- on tranparent tubing,
a red-orange plasma core
with a corona of yellow!
3/4" x 150' $14.50
now $10.00
rxoT.75sb Qty:
Cloth Gaffer Tape
  Teal 2" x 55-yd $19.00
now $14.00
g2te Qty:
(4 left)
Glossy Vinyl Tape (Slick-gloss) - outdoor rated, with peel-off backing
Green Slick-gloss Grass Green 1/2" x 100' $6.50
now $2.00
rsg.5gg Qty:
(~15 left)
Tan Slick-gloss Tan 1/2" x 100' $6.50
now $2.00
rsg.5ta Qty:
(~10 left)
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