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DECORATIVE GLITTER TAPES - These are sparkly, glittery adhesive tapes with a peel-off liner.  They can be used in scrap books, dance & exercise hoops, skateboards, etc.  Glitter tapes are 4 mils in thickness (0.004") and rolls are 150 feet long.  Note: glitter tapes are not easily re-positionable.   They are made with actual particles of glitter, and if the tape is pulled up, some of them will be left behind on the surface.  All of these tapes use a solventless, non-toxic, non-polluting adhesive, and comply with the European Union RoHS directive.  Note:  due to the greater thickness of glitter tape, rolls are larger in diameter than rolls of other decorative tapes.  When your total is $100 or more, use the discount code "hulala!" for 10% off all the hoop tape in your cart!

Glitter Tapes
(Made in the United States)
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Silver Glitter TapeSilver Glitter Glitter Tape
1" Silver Glitter Tape
Silver 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1sv Qty:
Gold Glitter TapeGold Glitter Tape
1" Gold Glitter Tape
Gold 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1gd Qty:
Fluorescent Pink Glitter TapeFluorescent Pink Glitter Tape
1" Fluorescent Pink Glitter Tape
Fluorescent Pink 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1fp Qty:
Cherry Red Glitter TapeCherry Red Glitter Tape
1" Cherry Red Glitter Tape
Cherry Red 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1cr Qty:
Fluorescent Green Glitter TapeFluorescent Green Glitter Tape
1" Fluorescent Green Glitter Tape
Fluorescent Green 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1fg Qty:
Blue Azure Glitter TapeBlue Azure Glitter Tape
1" Azure Blue Glitter Tape
(Sky Blue)
1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1az Qty:
Royal Blue Glitter TapeRoyal Blue Decorative Tape
1" Royal Blue Glitter Tape
Royal Blue 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1rb Qty:
Fuchsia Glitter TapeFuchsia Glitter Tape
1" Fuchsia Glitter Tape
Fuchsia 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1fu Qty:
Orchid Glitter TapeOrchid Glitter Tape
1" Orchid Glitter Tape
Orchid 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1orc Qty:
Violet Glitter TapeViolet Glitter Tape
1" Violet Glitter Tape
Violet 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1vi Qty:
Black Galaxy Glitter TapeBlack Galaxy Glitter Tape
1" Black Galaxy Glitter Tape
Black Galaxy 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1bk Qty:
Click HERE to see a great little tool for slitting these tapes to narrower widths.
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