1/2" Slick-GlossTM
Vinyl Tape

Slick-gloss Colored Vinyl Tape
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All slick-gloss is marked down!  Regularly $6.50, now $3.00 until gone!!
1/2" SLICK-GLOSSTM COLOR-CODING VINYL TAPE - Slick-GlossTM high-gloss vinyl tapes are shiny and bright in color.    Slick-gloss color-coding vinyl tapes are thin, stretchy, flexible, conformable, repositionable, and ideal for color-coding applications that require lots of colors.  They are popular for use on hula hoops and can be used for all kinds of decorating, signage, displays, tools, etc.  Non-fluorescent colors are fade resistant, don't shrink, and can be used outdoors.  Rolls are 100 feet long on 1-1/2" diameter cores.  The tape is 2.7 mils thick (0.0027") and has a peel-off paper backing.  Slick-gloss vinyl tapes use a solventless, non-toxic, non-polluting adhesive, and comply with the European Union RoHS directive
1/2" Slick-GlossTM High Gloss Vinyl Tapes
Made in the USA
(some 1/2", some 1")
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Sunflower Slick-gloss Sunflower 1/2" x 100' $2.00 rsg.5sf Qty:
Green Slick-gloss Grass Green 1/2" x 100' $2.00 rsg.5gg Qty:
Royal Blue Slick-gloss Royal Blue 1/2" x 100' $2.00 rsg.5rb Qty:
Tan Slick-gloss Tan 1/2" x 100' $2.00rsg.5ta Qty:
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TM = an Identi-Tape original