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PREMIUM ELECTRICAL TAPES in 17 Colors - All Weather, UL Listed, RoHS compliant and CPSIA compliant, these premium grade electrical tapes are safe for children to contact.  They are great also for color guard flag poles. , They are compliant with CPSIA standards which strictly limit the concentrations of phthalates, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals in vinyl toys and products made for children (see CPSIA).  Great for children's hoops!  Available in 14 colors, they are 7-mils thick and all-weather proof, UL listed, and temperature rated to 176ºF.  Uses include wrapping of electrical wiring & connections, color-coding of hospital & lab equipment, and taping of dance and exercise hoops.  They are available below as individual rolls, a 14-roll Multi-Color pack, 10-roll packs, and 100-roll cartons at the special 1-color carton price of $1.80/roll (add ten 10-roll packs to get the carton price).
Approximate Color Color Name Roll Size Product
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Single Rolls
10-roll Pack
$26.50 ($2.65/roll)
  Black 3/4" x 66' etbk Qty: Qty:
Light Gray Electrical Tape Light Gray 3/4" x 66' etgy Qty: Qty:
Dark Brown Electrical Tape Dark Brown 3/4" x 66' etdbn Qty: Qty:
Purple Electrical Tape Purple
3/4" x 60' etpu Qty: Qty:
Violet Electrical Tape Violet 3/4" x 66' etvi Qty: Qty:
Royal Blue Electrical Tape Royal Blue 3/4" x 66' etrb Qty: Qty:
Light Blue Electrical Tape Light Blue 3/4" x 66' etlb Qty: Qty:
Hunter Green Electrical Tape Hunter Green 3/4" x 66' ethg Qty: Qty:
Light Green Electrical Tape Light Green 3/4" x 66' etlgn Qty: Qty:
Red Electrical Tape Red 3/4" x 66' etr Qty: Qty:
Soft Pink Electrical Tape Soft Pink 3/4" x 66' etpk Qty: Qty:
Orange Electrical Tape Orange 3/4" x 66' eto Qty: Qty:
Yellow Electrical Tape Yellow 3/4" x 66' ety Qty: Qty:
White Electrical Tape White 3/4" x 66' etw Qty: Qty:
14-Roll Multi-Color Pack
1 roll each of the 14 colors above
3/4" x 66' etMC14 $38.00
Multi-Color Pack
Yellow & Green Striped Electrical Tape Yellow & Green

(European "Ground")
3/4" x 66' etSTyg Qty: Qty:
Bubblegum Pink Electrical Tape Bubblegum Pink
3/4" x 66' etbgp Qty: Qty:
Dark Gray (Pewter) Electrical Tape Dark Gray
3/4" x 66' etdgy Qty:
(now $2.25)
(now $20.00)
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