(aka "NEON")
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FLUORESCENT COLORED TAPES -  These UV fluorescent (also known as "Neon") colored tapes, are vivid, attention getting colors.  They are available in a variety of materials, some of which fluoresce (glow) brightly under "black light" (ultra-violet light) in a dark room.  Fluorescent tapes are listed below in order of relative reactivity to black light (UV light), brightest listed first.  CAUTION: Never look or stare directly at a UV or black light!
Listed in order of relative brightness observed under a 15" long
Sylvania 15-watt "BLB" (club and forensics) rated black-light bulb.
Paper Board & Artists Tape
outstanding fluorescence, makes your eyes sick to look at it
Gaffer Tape
great fluorescence, especially for "black light comps" at climbing gyms
Duct Tape
good fluorescence for orange & pink, fair for yellow, not at all for green
Label Tape
good, fluorescent colors glow very well under UV
High-Intensity Reflective Tape
good fluorescence for both yellow and orange
Non-Adhesive Flagging Tape
good fluorescence of "Glow" colors