for Route Marking
on Climbing Gym Walls

Route Setting Tape

Route Setting Tape by Identi-Tape

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1" Gaffer Tape for Route Marking - Identi-Tape has 12 colors of a premium quality (Pro-Gaff) cloth gaffers tape in 1-inch width x 55-yd length rolls (fluorescents are 50-yd).  Gaffer tape is used on climbing gym walls during route setting for marking of holds.  Pro-Gaff tears cleanly into shorter strips, has a non-reflective matte finish, great conformability, and removes cleanly from climbing walls.  It is also great for dance & exercise hoops because it has a textured surface that provides friction and grip.  Pro-Gaff is 11 mils thick and works up to 200F.  We offer 1-inch gaffer tape in 7 standard colors and 5 bright fluorescent (neon) colors (that glow under UV light), and a photoluminescent gaffer tape.  Fluorescent gaffer tapes are exciting for black light climbing comps. 
     Discounts      of 10% at 12 rolls and 15% at 24 rolls (gaffer & duct, mix or match)
All Colors are in Stock Unless Indicated as "Temporarily Out"
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Fluorescent Blue Gaffers Tape
Glows under UV
1-in x 50-yd $11.60 g1fb Qty:
1-inch Pro-Gaff Gaffers Tape
Glow under UV
1-in x 50-yd $11.60 g1fp temp out
1-in x 50-yd $11.60 g1fo Qty:
1-in x 50-yd $11.60 g1fg Qty:
1-in x 50-yd $11.60 g1fy Qty:
  White 1-in x 55-yd $10.80 g1w Qty:
  Gray 1-in x 55-yd $10.80 g1gy Qty:
  Black 1-in x 55-yd $10.80 g1bk Qty:
  Yellow 1-in x 55-yd $10.80 g1y Qty:
  Red 1-in x 55-yd $10.80 g1r Qty:
  Teal 1-in x 55-yd $10.80 g1te Qty:
  Electric Blue 1-in x 55-yd $10.80 g1eb Qty:
  Purple 1-in x 55-yd $10.80 g1pu Qty:
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