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Identi-Tape(aka our original Gear-Tape) - This glossy, brightly color-striped tape is sold as letter-size sheets of die-cut strips 5/16" wide (at photo below).  Gear-Tape is a high-temperature proof (300 Fº) adhesive vinyl tape for marking & identifying instruments, tools, climbing gear, kitchen utensils, etc.  It is also used in day care centers for identifying bottles and kiddie utensils.  Identi-Tape Gear-Tape resists high-temperature commercial washing and sterilization without peeling, fading, wrinkling, or becoming gummy.  Gear-Tape is latex free and CPSIA Compliant (child safe).  Note: when wrapping strips around items such as caribiners, first make sure they are cleaned with soapy water and rinsed to be free of dust and suntan lotion.  Let dry, then apply a strip firmly and overlap the ends by 1/4" on one of the flatter sides of the spine.  Let adhesive cure 24 hours.  Gear-Tape comes as letter-size 8-1/2" x 11" sheets with 35 page wide peel-off strips 5/16" wide.  To make shorter segments, just cut into the sheet with scissors at the width of strips you need.
(Note:  these are not rolls.  These are die-cut sheets of strips - at photo below)
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Black & White Striped Gear-Tape Black Stripes $10.00 gtbk now at
Brown & White Striped Gear-Tape Brown Stripes $10.00 gtbn now at
Purple & White Striped Gear-Tape Purple Stripes $10.00 gtpu now at
Blue & White Striped Gear-Tape Blue Stripes $10.00 gtmb now at
Sky Blue & White Striped Gear-Tape Sky Blue Stripes $10.00 gtsb now at
Green & White Striped Gear-Tape Green Stripes $10.00 gtgn now at
Light Green & White Striped Gear-Tape Light Green Stripes $10.00 gtlg now at
Red & White Striped Gear-Tape Red Stripes $10.00 gtr now at
Orange & White Striped Gear-Tape Orange Stripes $10.00 gto now at
Yellow & White Striped Gear-Tape Yellow Stripes $10.00 gty now at
Pink & White Striped Gear-Tape Pink Stripes $10.00 gtpk now at
Lavender & White Striped Gear-Tape Lavender Stripes $10.00 gtlv now at
Gold & White Striped Gear-Tape Gold Stripes on White $10.00 gtgd now at
Silver & White Striped Gear-Tape Silver Stripes on White $10.00 gtsv now at
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Identi-Tape Gear-Tape
Identi-Tape 14-color Multi-pack