ON-LINE with a credit or debit card:  No minimum order, but orders less than $10.00 are subject to a "small order fee" of $5.00.  We accept VISA, Mastercard, and American Express.  For details, see On-line Ordering.

PURCHASE ORDERS (POs) (with terms of 30 days net due) are accepted only from qualified businesses, libraries, fire departments, universities, and governmental entities.  They are subject to a $100.00 minimum.  ALL orders less than $100.00 need to be placed on-line through our web-site with a credit or debit card (we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS).  Fax POs to (303) 278-2586.

PHONE:  Because our policy requires we have a customer generated "hard" copy of shipping address and items ordered (plus, at least one of the principals is hard of hearing), we do not take phone orders.  You may call in with credit card info after creating a "Quote" in our shopping cart.  Call the number at the head of the quote and have your quote reference # at hand.  Also use "Save as Quote" to get a formal quotation for supervisor approval before completing an order.  Questions?  Write to:  Info@Identi-Tape.com

MAIL-in Orders less than $100.00 are accepted.  Obtain a quote on-line in our shopping cart using "Save as Quote" and send it in with a check or money order to: Identi-Tape, Inc., PO BOX 20766, Boulder, CO 80308 (include an e-mail address to receive tracking info when shipped).

CREATE a QUOTE - go to this link for instructions: Quotations