Colored Vinyl Identification Tapes
on 1-inch diameter cores
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Colored Vinyl Instrument Identification TapesThese miniature tapes are US made from 3M's premium quality #471 vinyl tape.  Mini-tapes are on small, 1-inch diameter plastic cores.  They are smooth and flexible, have a shiny luster, and conform easily to curved surfaces.  They have a natural rubber adhesive that is clean removing (see spec sheet).  Mini-ID tapes are used for identification and color-coding of surgical instruments, tools, climbing gear, utensils, cables and wires.  Wind on, pinch off - they stay put.  Mini-tapes can also be used on whiteboards, control panels, model railroad diagrams, and striping for models of planes, cars, and rockets.  Mini-tapes are autoclavable and dishwasher-proof and do not leave residue when removed.  Rolls are 1/4" wide and 200 inches in length (16-2/3 ft) and are individually bagged, available by the roll and in 9-roll Multi-Color Packs.  They are also (RoHS Compliant

Regarding use on surgical instruments; 3M 471 vinyl is manufactured without the addition of natural rubber latex (see 3M Regulatory Data Sheets and type #471 into the search field).  Our instrument tapes have been independently temperature tested to 273°F.  They have also been tested for sterilization efficacy by both ethylene oxide and steam methods with both resulting in 100 percent sterilization (see statement).  Colored vinyl instrument tapes can be used for:
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Small Tools
  • Climbing Gear
  • Silverware & Utensils
  • Control Panel Diagrams
  • Network and USB Cables
  • Art Brushes, Pencils, Arrows

Automatic Discounts of 10% at 12 rolls & 15% at 24 rolls (any combination of widths and colors)
Approximate Color Color Size Price per Roll Product
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  Black 1/8" x 200" $3.30 vit8bk Qty:
1/4" x 200" $4.40 vit4bk Qty:
  Purple 1/8" x 200" $3.30 vit8pu Qty:
1/4" x 200" $4.40 vit4pu Qty:
  Brown 1/8" x 200" $3.30 vit8bn Qty:
1/4" x 200" $4.40 vit4bn Qty:
  Blue 1/8" x 200" $3.30 vit8bl Qty:
1/4" x 200" $4.40 vit4bl Qty:
  Green 1/8" x 200" $3.30 vit8gn Qty:
1/4" x 200" $4.40 vit4gn Qty:
  Red 1/8" x 200" $3.30 vit8r Qty:
1/4" x 200" $4.40 vit4r Qty:
  Orange 1/8" x 200" $3.30 vit8o Qty:
1/4" x 200" $4.40 vit4o Qty:
  Yellow 1/8" x 200" $3.30 vit8y Qty:
1/4" x 200" $4.40 vit4y Qty:
  White 1/8" x 200" $3.30 vit8w Qty:
1/4" x 200" $4.40 vit4w Qty:
1 each of 9 colors above 9-roll
1/8" x 200" $27.00
vit8MC9 Qty:
1/4" x 200" $36.00
vit4MC9 Qty:
3/4-inch Dispensers for Identification Tape See the 3/4" Dispenser for Identification Tape.
Conveniently holds two rolls side by side.
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