Instructions for 3M Heat Transfer (Iron-on) Reflective Tapes (3M 5510, 8712, 8786 & 8787)

3M heat transfer reflective films can be applied to most fabrics - so long as they can withstand the heat of application. Films should be applied using a "dry" iron set to medium temperature (325F - 350F).  Allow the iron's surface temperature to equalize for several minutes before using.  Solid silver 8712 has a pinkish-mauve colored film that must first be removed before application.  Fluorescent 8786 and 8787 have no removable film.  For solid silver and fluorescent colors, the white paper side faces up during application.  For 5510 comfort trim, the blue film side faces up.  Iron a small trial piece onto a sample of your material to get the hang of it.  Use a solid (non-gridded/non-perforated) ironing board or other solid surface like a wood board or the top of a dryer.  To begin, iron your material to remove wrinkles that would interfere with the tape's smooth application.  Cut and lay out the tape where you want it to be.  Starting at one end, press the iron down firmly on the white paper side (or blue film side of comfort trim) and heat the tape for 12 to 15 seconds.  Move the iron around a bit to compensate for the steam holes in its bottom.  Heating longer than 15 seconds can scorch your material (be extra careful with nylon).  Slowly work your way along the tape to its other end.  Once the tape has cooled completely, carefully pick up one corner of the white paper or blue film protective liner.  Slowly pull the liner away at a 45 degree angle in a smooth continuous motion to reveal the reflective surface.  To see the tape's reflectivity, place the item in a dim or dark room, stand about 15' away, and shine a flashlight held near the level of your eyes at the tape.  You will see a bright reflection caused by thousands of microscopic glass beads imbedded in the surface of the tape.  These beads reflect light internally back toward its source, and in this way, an automobile's lights will make you conspicuous to the driver long before you can otherwise be seen.  These tapes are recommended to be machine washed at a warm setting (105F) and then can be machine dried on a low temperature setting.  Continue to be safe, and please visit us again at