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Whiteboard Tape - this quality white-board tape is available in seven colors and three widths (1/16", 1/8", 1/4").  White-board tape is a thin (5.5-mil), glossy polyethylene film that is flexible, repositionable, and perfect for use on dry erase and white-board surfaces for tables, graphs, flow charts, etc.  It can even be applied as curves with as little as 1" radius (1/16" width).  It is also great for posterboards, maps, charts, graphic displays, etc.  Our whiteboard tape does not bleed or smear when a board is being cleaned, and it is completely removable without leaving residue.  1/4-inch width is also a great sealing tape for small vials and bottles, and containers.  It is UV and solvent resistant and temperature rated to 190F°   Rolls are 54 feet (648") long on 3" plastic cores.

**Price discounts 10% at 6 rolls and 15% at 12 rolls (any combination of widths and colors)**

Approximate Color Color Name Size
(54' = 648")
per Roll
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  Black 1/16" x 54-ft $5.00 pe16bk Qty:
1/8" x 54-ft $6.00 pe8bk temp out
1/4" x 54-ft $7.00 pe.25bk temp out
  Blue 1/16" x 54-ft $5.00 pe16bl Qty:
1/8" x 54-ft $6.00 pe8bl Qty:
1/4" x 54-ft $7.00 pe.25bl Qty:
  Green 1/16" x 54-ft $5.00 pe16gn Qty:
1/8" x 54-ft $6.00 pe8gn Qty:
1/4" x 54-ft $7.00 pe.25gn Qty:
  Red 1/16" x 54-ft $5.00 pe16r Qty:
1/8" x 54-ft $6.00 pe8r Qty:
1/4" x 54-ft $7.00 pe.25r Qty:
  Orange 1/16" x 54-ft $5.00 pe16o Qty:
1/8" x 54-ft $6.00 pe8o Qty:
1/4" x 54-ft $7.00 pe.25o Qty:
  Yellow 1/16" x 54-ft $5.00 pe16y Qty:
1/8" x 54-ft $6.00 pe8y Qty:
1/4" x 54-ft $7.00 pe.25y Qty:
  White 1/16" x 54-ft $5.00 pe16w Qty:
1/8" x 54-ft $6.00 pe8w Qty:
1/4" x 54-ft $7.00 pe.25w Qty:
7 Colors
1 of each color
1/16" x 54-ft $30.00 pe16MC Qty:
1/8" x 54-ft $36.00 pe8MC Qty:
1/4" x 54-ft $42.00 pe.25MC Qty:
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