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IDENTI-TAPE specializes in safety reflective tapes, principally 3M and Oralite brands.  We also carry photoluminescent tapes, vinyl floor-marking tapes, and instrument identification tapes.  We supply many small to large manufacturing companies, including pharmaceutical, industrial, trucking & towing businesses, fire departments, graphics businesses, local, state, and federal agencies, including the CDC and US Coast Guard.  The minimum amount for an order is $24.00.  We offer UPS and US Postal Service shipping options.  Expedited shipping is available until 1:00 PM Denver time.
FREE & SALE ITEMS:  Bargain Bin - free and discounted tapes


   Engineer Grade Reflective Tape, 3M - for vehicle striping, flow-rate coding of fire hydrants, and reflective dance hoops
   Diamond Grade Reflective Tape - 3M 983 conspicuity tape for trucks, trailers, fire apparatus trucks
   Flexible Prismatic Tape - 3M 973 for pipe bollards, gates, barriers, and other square or curved surfaces
   Flexible Adhesive Reflective Tape - 3M 8830 for helmets, saddlebags, paniers, outerwear, packs & satchels
   High-gain Reflective Tape - 3M's 7610 and 3000X reflective tapes for laser & infrared sensors and motion capture
   Heat-Transfer (Iron-on) Reflective Material - 3M 8700 series reflective material in silver, fluor. yellow and orange
   Sew-on Reflective Fabrics - 3M & Orafol sew-on reflective fabric tapes,regular & flame resistant
   Sew-on Reflective Vinyl Vest Trim - Orafol's high-gloss reflective vest trim in white and yellow
   SOLAS - Coast Guard Approved marine grade reflective tape for life vests, jackets, inflatable rafts & other watercraft

All items are in stock unless indicated as "Temporarily Out"

Bargain Bin - discounted and discontinued tapes - some are free - just pay for shipping.
Conspicuity Tape - we stock two brands of US made DOT truck and fire apparatus conspicuity tape, both below:
        3M 983 Diamond Grade Reflective Tapes
        Oralite V82 Superbright Conspicuity Tapes.
Duct Tape - 1-inch duct tape for climbing gyms.
Egress Marking Tape - photoluminescent tape for marking emergency exit pathways in darkness
Engineer Grade Reflective Tape (3M) - for striping on vehicles, bicycles, fire hydrants, bollards, etc.
Engineer Grade (Imported)SALE - 4" and 6" reflective tapes for barricades, bollards & EMS vehicles
Fire Apparatus/EMS Vehicle Chevron Tape
       3M 983 Diamond Grade - 4" & 6" red and fluorescent yellow-green reflective tape
       Orafol's V98 - 4" & 6" high-intensity red, white, and fluorescent lime

Flame Resistant Sew-on Fabric - flame resistant, silver reflective and reflective triple trim sew-on tapes.
Floor-marking Tape - Vinyl tape in 15 colors in 3 widths for plant & warehouse floors
Hazard-Striped Vinyl Floor Tapes - for delineation of work place hazards and safety zones
Hazard-Striped Reflective Tape - high intensity Oralite V98 adhesive pre-striped reflective tapes for fire trucks.
High-gain Reflective Tape - 3M's 7610 and 3000X high gain reflective tapes for laser & infrared sensors and motion capture
High-Intensity Reflective Tape - Oralite V92 & V98 in for 7 colors and 4 widths, including 6" for EMS and fire trucks.
Hydrant Tape - V92 high-intensity reflective for color-coding hydrants to flow rates
Instrument Identification Tape - 1/4-inch colored vinyl ID-Tape for surgical instruments, tools, climbing gear, etc
Masking Tape, Colored (Cartons) - 12 colors of 1-inch for art, schools, inventory, etc
NFPA Reflective Tape - 4" and 6" 3M Diamond Grade red and fluorescent yellow-green for the backs of fire trucks & apparatus
Oralite Reflective Conspicuity Tapes - for trucks, EMS vehicles, motorcycles, bollards, gates and more
Photoluminescent Tapes - MOONGLOW is back! - high-energy long-life glow-in-the-dark tape
Reflective Tapes, Iron-on - for T-shirts, work shirts, and light jackets, where visibility is a must
Reflective Fabric, Sew-on - regular, triple-trim, and FR-rated reflective fabrics for vests, coveralls, workshirts, and firecoats
Sew-on Reflective Fabric - 3M (US made) regular and FR-rated sew-on reflective fabrics for coveralls, workshirts, bunker coats, etc.
Striped Reflective Tape - high intensity Oralite V98 adhesive striped reflective tapes for fire trucks, barricades, and concrete & plastic dividers
Super-Engineer Grade Reflective Tape2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch widths
Vest Trim - safety reflective triple-trim for utility and roadworker vests.
Vinyl Floor Marking Tape (Cartons) - in 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch widths in 16 colors for plant & warehouse floors
Vinyl Colored Marking Tape (Cartons) - in 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch