LTR10 Multi-roll
Tape Dispenser

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LTR Tape Dispensers are the "cadillacs" of multi-roll tape dispensers.  The LTR is designed for convenience and ease of use.  A single roll anywhere in a dispenser can be replaced in a matter of seconds.  Features include being made of heavy gauge sheet metal, super suction-cup feet for stability, and a serrated steel cutting blade.  It is highly versatile and can hold tape with 1-inch diameter cores, 3-inch diameter cores, or a combination of both. 

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LTR10 Tape Dispenser
Shown with seven rolls 3/4" label tape on 1" cores
For Masking Tape and / or Label Tape

shown to left with tape on 1-inch cores
  •  7 rolls of 3/4" wide tape on 1" cores
  •  6 rolls of 1" wide tape on 1" cores
  •  7 rolls of 3/4" wide tape on 3" cores
  •  6 rolls of 1" wide tape on 3" cores
  •  Dimensions: 10-1/2" W x 8-5/8" D x 4" H
Rolls are easy to replace since each one is held individually by a pair of swing-arms that rotate upward on a shaft.  A roll is moved upwards, the swing arms are offset, and the roll comes free.  A new roll is inserted between the arms, lowered into place, and it's ready for use.  Tape with 3-inch cores use a pair of circular hubs that are inserted inside the tape's core.  These hold them in place on the swing arms.  The LTR-10TM Multi-roll Tape Dispenser comes with 6 pairs of swing arms (for tape with 1-inch core size) and 3 pairs of hubs for use with 3" core tape.  Order 1 pair of hubs below for each additional roll with 3" core to be used (up to 7 rolls of 3/4" width tape, or 6 rolls of 1" width).  The LTR can also accomodate wider rolls of 3 or 4 inches in width.

How to Modify the LTR to hold more rolls:  The LTR can accommodate 1/4" and 1/2" wide tapes on 3" diameter cores.  To do this, use only one swing arm and one hub per roll, and face them all in the same direction.  Start at one end and move each arm & hub (with tapes inserted) together in one direction until each arm touches the adjacent hub.  This way, each roll will be supported by a hub on one side and an adjacent arm on the other.  This also can be done with 3/4" and/or 1" width rolls to increase the number that can be held in the dispenser.  Set up in this way, the LTR-10 can hold up to 15 rolls of 1/2" tape.

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LTR10 Tape Dispenser LTR-10 Counter Top
Tape Dispenser

comes as shown, with 6 pairs
of swing arms for 1" core tape
and 3 pairs of hubs for 3" core tape
Dim: 10-1/2" L x 8-5/8" W x 4" H
(order additional arms & hubs below)
some assembly required
now $78.00

tape not
LTR Dispenser Hubs Extra LTR Dispenser Hubs
adapts swing arms to 3-in cores -
requires one pair per roll
now $4.00/pair
mcctdh2 Out
LTR Dispenser Arms Extra LTR Swing Arms
requires one pair per roll
now $4.00/pair
mcctda Qty:
LTR Tape Dispenser Core Inserts Core Insert
(1" ID x 1.5" OD) adapts tapes
with 1-1/2" cores (harness tapes)
to fit on tape dispensers
$0.02 mccore Qty:
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