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PREMIUM ELECTRICAL TAPES in 14 Colors - comes in 100-roll cartons.  This premium grade electrical tape is 7-mil (0.007") in thickness, all-weather rated, UL Listed, RoHS and CPSIA compliant, and temperature rated to 176ºF.  Uses include wrapping of electrical wiring & connections, color-coding and bundling of pipe & rods, color-coding of hospital & lab equipment. etc, 
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$232.00 per 100-roll carton
White Electrical Tape White 3/4" x 66' etCw Qty
Black Electrical Tape Black 3/4" x 66' etCbk Qty
Light Gray Electrical Tape Light Gray 3/4" x 66' etCgy Qty
Dark Brown Electrical Tape Dark Brown 3/4" x 66' etCdbn Qty
Violet Electrical Tape Violet 3/4" x 66' etCvi Qty
Royal Blue Electrical Tape Royal Blue 3/4" x 66' etCrb Qty
Light Blue Electrical Tape Sky Blue 3/4" x 66' etClb Qty
Hunter Green Electrical Tape Hunter Green 3/4" x 66' etChg Qty
Light Green Electrical Tape Light Green 3/4" x 66' etClgn Qty
Red Electrical Tape Red 3/4" x 66' etCr Qty
Bubblegum Pink Electrical Tape Bubblegum Pink 3/4" x 66' etCbgp Qty
Soft Pink Electrical Tape Soft Pink 3/4" x 66' etCpk Qty
Orange Electrical Tape Orange 3/4" x 66' etCo Qty
Yellow Electrical Tape Yellow 3/4" x 66' etCy Qty
Yellow & Green Striped Electrical Tape Yellow & Green

European "Ground"
3/4" x 66' etCSTyg Qty
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