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FLEXIBLE ENGINEERING GRADE (FEG) REFLECTIVE TAPE is a "Type I" reflective tape that is used for EMS vehicle and fire apparatus striping.  They meet and exceed the requirements of ASTM D4956 for reflectivity, longevity (7 years), and resistance to weathering.  They conform to flat and curved surfaces and are elastic and conformable enough to fit over low relief diamond plate surfaces such as on the backs of fire appratus.  This flexible EG is 5.5 mils thick and has a permanent acrylic adhesive with a peel-off backing.  It utilizes embedded microscopic glass beads to reflect light and is used for signage, striping and lettering on fire trucks, ambulances, vehicles, bollards, gates, signs & barricades, but is not recommended for rough-finished wood. 

This tape is service rated from -40°F to 180°F, but should be applied only when it and the substrate are within the range of 64°F to 77°F.  To maximize longevity, the adhesive should be allowed to cure 48 hours before being put into rigorous service.  The brightest reflecting color is white, followed by yellow, red, then blue.  Tape is sold in 15-foot increments and 50-yd rolls.  Multiples of 15' pieces will be sent as a continuous length unless requested otherwise in the "comment box" when checking out.
       Special Sale Discount of 15%        on these rolls of Engineer grade tapes
Nikkalite Type I Flexible Engineering Grade Reflective Tapes
(for enhanced night time conspicuity)
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Flexible Engineering Grade Reflective Tape Yellow

meets NFPA 1901
for fire apparatus
4" x 15' $24.00 sr4y Qty
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Flexible Engineering Grade Reflective Tape White 4" x 15' $24.00 sr4w Qty
1 left
6" x 15' $32.00 sr6w Qty
4 left
Flexible Engineering Grade Blue Reflective Tape Blue 6" x 15' $32.00 sr6bl Qty
4 left
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