(aka "NEON")
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FLUORESCENT COLORED TAPES -  These UV fluorescent (also known as "Neon") colored tapes, are vivid, attention getting colors.  They are available in a variety of materials, some of which fluoresce (glow) brightly under "black light" (ultra-violet light) in a dark room.  Fluorescent tapes are listed below in order of relative reactivity to black light (UV light), brightest listed first.  CAUTION: Never look or stare directly at a UV or black light!
Listed in order of relative brightness observed under a 15" long
Sylvania 15-watt "BLB" (club and forensics) rated black-light bulb.
Paper Board & Artists Tape
outstanding fluorescence, makes your eyes sick to look at it
Label Tape
good, fluorescent colors glow very well under UV
2" PVC Vinyl Tape
good fluorescence, except pink
High-Intensity Reflective Tape
good fluorescence for both yellow and orange
Non-Adhesive Flagging Tape
good fluorescence of "Glow" colors