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Vinyl Color-Coding Harness Tape in 16 Colors

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VINYL COLOR CODING & HARNESS TAPE - Sold only in 208-roll cartons (for individual rolls, go HERE). 16 colors are available in this high quality adhesive 5-mil thick vinyl harness tape.  It comes in 3/4" wide by 66-foot long rolls on 1-1/2" diameter cores.  It's primary use is as wire harnessing tape in the automobile, aircraft, and aerospace industries.  It meets GM/Packard Electric Division engineering specs ESM-4037, DIN 40633, and most European, US, and Japanese specifications for color coding tapes.  It is conformable and temperature rated to 221ºF .

The twelve colors marked with an asterisk below are utilized in the Fiber-Optic Cable Color Code (TIA/EIA-598-A) scheme.
      Allow cartons 2-3 days to ship      
        208-roll cartons below.  For individual rolls, go HERE       
Approximate Shades Color Size Price per
208-roll Carton

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Black Vinyl Harness Tape Black* 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htCbk Qty
Gray Vinyl Harness Tape Gray* 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htCgy Qty
Brown Vinyl Harness Tape Brown* 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htCbn Qty
Brown Vinyl Harness Tape Tan 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htCta Qty
Olive Vinyl Harness Tape Olive 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htCov Qty
Violet Harness Tape Violet* 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htCvi Qty
Dark Blue Vinyl Harness Tape Dark Blue* 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htCdb Qty
Light Blue Harness Tape Light Blue* 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htClb Qty
Dark Green  Harness Tape Dark Green* 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htCdg Qty
Light Green Harness Tape Light Green 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htClg Qty
Red Vinyl Harness Tape Red* 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htCr Qty
Orange Harness Tape Orange* 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htCo Qty
Light Orange Harness Tape Light Orange 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htClo Qty
Yellow Vinyl Harness Tape Yellow* 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htCy Qty
Pink Vinyl Harness Tape Pink* 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htCpk Qty
 White Harness Tape; White* 3/4" x 66' $434.72 htCw Qty
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*Fiber-Optic Cable Color Code (TIA/EIA-598-A) scheme colors