3/4-inch VINYL

Vinyl Color-Coding Harness Tape in 16 Colors

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VINYL COLOR CODING & HARNESS TAPE - 16 colors are available in this high quality adhesive 5-mil thick vinyl tape.  It comes in 3/4" wide by 66-foot long rolls on 1-1/2" diameter cores.  It's conformable and temperature rated to 221ºF (but we have tested it to 290ºF).   This tape is compliant with both CPSIA and RoHS standards that limit concentrations of phthalates, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals in vinyl products that are made for children.  Applications include color-coding of glassware and equipment at hospitals, laboratories (it's autoclave proof), food service facilities (withstands commercial dishwashing), dance & exercise hoops, and children's lunch and snack containers, bottles, and utensils for school and daycare.

Twelve of the colors below are utilized in the Fiber-Optic Cable Color Code (TIA/EIA-598-A) scheme.  Those colors are marked by asterixs.

It's primary use is as wire harnessing tape in the automobile, aircraft, and aerospace industries.  It meets GM/Packard Electric Division engineering specs ESM-4037, DIN 40633, and most European, US, and Japanese specifications for color coding tapes. 
      Automatic Discount:      10% at 36 rolls - any combination of colors
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Harness Tape Multi-color PackColor Coding Tape: 16-color Pack
16 Colors of Vinyl Color Coding Tape

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16-roll minimum for Harness Tape - any Combination of Colors
  Black* 3/4" x 66' $3.20 htbk Qty
  Gray* 3/4" x 66' $3.20 htgy Qty
  Brown* 3/4" x 66' $3.20 htbn Qty
  Tan 3/4" x 66' $3.20 htta Qty
  Olive 3/4" x 66' $3.20 htov Qty
  Violet* 3/4" x 66' $3.20 htvi Qty
  Dark Blue* 3/4" x 66' $3.20 htdb Qty
  Light Blue* 3/4" x 66' $3.20 htlb Qty
  Dark Green* 3/4" x 66' $3.20 htdg Qty
  Light Green 3/4" x 66' $3.20 htlg Qty
  Red* 3/4" x 66' $3.20 htr Qty
  Orange* 3/4" x 66' $3.20 hto Qty
  Light Orange 3/4" x 66' $3.20 htlo Qty
  Yellow* 3/4" x 66' $3.20 hty Qty
  Pink* 3/4" x 66' $3.20 htpk Qty
  White* 3/4" x 66' $3.20 htw Qty
CORE Core Insert
- adapts tapes to fit in
counter-top dispensers
made for a 1" core
1" ID x 1.5" OD $0.05 mccore Qty
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*Fiber-Optic Cable Color Code (TIA/EIA-598-A) scheme colors