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Iron-on Segmented Reflective Tape
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HEAT-TRANSFER SEGMENTED REFLECTIVE TAPES from China.    This segmented reflective trim is an outstanding lower cost alternative to 3M's 5510 segmented reflective trim.  It is highly reflective, washable, durable and super easy to apply with a hot iron or heat press.  The segmented strips are all on a removable film that is peeled off after application.  The individual strips allow the tape to breathe and stretch with the fabric during movement.  This means the wearer will be cooler, and it reduces uncomforatble sweating.  It can be applied to T-shirts, work clothing, jackets, vests, and athletic wear.  It provides high reflectivity in darkness and foggy or gray weather.  It bonds exceptionally well to any porous fabric by penetrating into the fibers.  It is home machine washable at temperatures up to 140°F and low dryer settings, but it is recommended to wash them on warm (105°F).  Non-chlorine bleach is recommended.  This segmented reflective trim is ENSI ISO 20471 and ANSI/ISEA 107 compliant at 500 Cd/Lux/sq.m for reflectivity. 

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Segmented Reflective Trim
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reflective T-shirt
Conspicuous Kid
Segmented trim on T-shirt (flash photo)

Segmented Reflective Trim
Reflective Film
Lightweight and Breathable
ENSI ISO 20471

Hot Wash (<140°F), or
30 dry cleanings
Application Intructions
and Care
2" x 16 feet $12.00 VCsg2sv Qty
2" x 65 ft $39.00 VCsgC2sv Qty
2" x 100-m.
VCsgR2sv Qty
Heat-transfer Reflective Tape
night photo w/flash
Silver-White Heat-Transfer
Reflective Tape
ANSI/ISEA 107-2020
CSA Z96-2022, Level 2
brightness: 500+ Cd/Lux/sq.m.

25 home wash @ 140°F
1" x 100-m.
5 @ -5%
10 @ -10%
OR-GP025R1 Qty
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