3/4-inch Paper
Labeling Tape

CPSIA Compliant

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3/4-inch Colored Paper Label Tape (photo below) - Our 3/4-inch wide adhesive paper labeling tape comes in 16 colors.  (for vinyl tape in 16 colors, see: Harness Tape).  Label Tape rolls are 42 feet long on 1" diameter cores.  Label tape is a smooth-surfaced plasticized paper that is removable, repositionable, and resistant to water, oils, and acids.  It can be written on with a permanent marker and has a working temperature range of -10ºF to 250ºF.  It is used in laboratories and hospitals for labeling glassware and specimens; by libraries for labeling books; and in offices for files and folders.  Works great as kitchen tape for labeling containers and packages going into frig or freezer, closing opened bags of coffee, & holding lids on pots and dishes during transport.  Fits into a standard scotch tape dispenser.  These paper labeling tapes are CPSIA CompliantFor 1/2" width label tape on sale, go HERE
      Automatic Discounts:      10% at 12 rolls and 15% at 24 rolls, both 1/2" and 3/4", any colors
Approximate Color Color Size Price per Roll
now $3.00
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  White 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75w out
  Yellow 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75y out
  Orange 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75o Qty
  Pink 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75pk out
  Red 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75r out
  Green 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75gn out
  Aqua 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75aq out
  Blue 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75bl out
  Lavender 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75lv out
  Gray 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75gy out
  Tan 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75ta out
  Beige 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75bg out
  Fluorescent Pink 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75fp Qty
  Fluorescent Yellow 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75fy Qty
  Fluorescent Green 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75fg out
  Fluorescent Red-Orange 3/4" x 42-ft $4.50 lt.75fr Qty
Plastic Tape Dispenser 3/4" Tape Dispenser
for Label Tape
3/4" width max. $0.50 mctd.75 Qty
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Label Tape Multi-Color Pack
Aqua, Black (discontinued), Blue, Tan, Fluor. Green, Fluor. Pink, Fluor. Red, Fluor. Yellow,
Green, Gray, Lavender, Orange, Pink, Red, Salmon, Beige, White, Yellow