1-inch COLORED

12 colors of PRO-46 masking tape (1-in. x 60-yd) Identi-Tape Logo
1" COLORED MASKING TAPE in 12 Colors:  PRO-46 is a multi-purpose colored crepe paper masking amd labeling tape.  It has a low-gloss finish, is easily written on, and is ideal for color coding, labeling, and school & art projects.  Catering companies use this tape for labeling food containers.  Rolls are 1-inch wide by 60 yards long and are available individually and in 36-roll cartons below.  We also have smooth flat-backed paper tapes in four amazingly bright fluorescent "neon" colors at page bottom.  Two-inch width rolls are available in 24-roll cartons Here.
     Discounts:      individual rolls discount 10% at 12 rolls, any mix of colors
All colors are in stock unless indicated as "temporarily out"
Approximate Color Color Name Roll Size Product
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36-roll Cartons
$158.40 ($4.40/roll)
  Black 1" x 60-yd m1bk Qty Qty
  Gray 1" x 60-yd m1gy out Qty
  Purple 1" x 60-yd m1pu Qty Qty
  Blue 1" x 60-yd m1bl Qty Qty
  Light Blue 1" x 60-yd m1lb Qty Qty
  Green 1" x 60-yd m1gn Qty Qty
  Light Green 1" x 60-yd m1lg out
see 2" light green
  Yellow 1" x 60-yd m1y Qty Qty
  Orange 1" x 60-yd m1o Qty Qty
  Red 1" x 60-yd m1r Qty Qty
  Pink 1" x 60-yd m1pk out
see 2" pink
  White 1" x 60-yd m1w Qty Qty
Fluorescent Flat-backed (Board & Artists) Paper Tapes
(smooth finish)
Single Rolls
36-roll Carton
$259.20 ($7.20/roll)
Fluorescent Paper Tape Fluorescent Green 1" x 60-yd bat1fg Qty
now $6.50 till gone
Fluorescent Pink 1" x 60-yd bat1fp Qty
now $6.50 till gone
Fluorescent Yellow 1" x 60-yd bat1fy Qty
now $6.50 till gone
Fluorescent Orange 1" x 60-yd bat1fo out Qty
1-in. Tape Dispenser Hand Held Metal Tape Dispenser
for 1-inch Masking Tape
mctd1 $4.00
now $2.00
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