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Photoluminescent Glow-in-the-Dark Tape All Kinds of Colored Tape
Jessup Photoluminescent Tapes (US made):  For emergency egress and exit marking, Jessup 7550 24-hour Jessup 7730 10-hour photoluminescent tapes shown below meet requirements of ASTM E2072 and MIL-L-3891B for photoluminescent safety markings.  Visibility to the night-adapted eye is up to 10 hours (7530 long-life ) or 24 hours (7550 ultra-premium).  Jessup 7530 (see specs here) is suitable for most military and marine applications on flat surfaces.  Jessup 7760 emergency egress tape is designed for use on round handrails in stairwells.  It is thin, conformable, and pilfer proof (will fragment if removal is attempted).  Note: it is important to consult your local building codes to determine exactly which tape may be required in your building. 

These "glow-in-the-dark" adhesive tapes are energized by a long-lived photo-luminescent mineral (strontium oxide aluminate) that is non-toxic & non-radioactive.  They charge fully with only 10 minutes exposure to light.  Any type of direct lighting will charge them.  Sunlight, halogen, xenon, full spectrum & fluorescent light work best.  Glow lifespan is measured to the point of bare visibility to the darkness-adapted eye, but may vary due to a) proximity to charging light source, b) angle of exposure to source, and c) brightness of source lamp.  Photoluminescent tapes can be recharged virtually an infinite number of times and last 20 years with only a 2% diminishment in luminescence.  Photoluminescent tape is used in areas such as egress and exit pathways, stairwells, evacuation corridors, emergency exits, as long as they are lit well enough to charge the tape.  Many municipal building codes now require photoluminescent markings on handrails in stairwells, across steps, and around exit doorways.  Photoluminescent tape can be used to mark instruments, switches, controls; anything important to see when the lights go out.

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Jessup 7760 Photoluminescent Exit Marking Tape
Photoluminescent Egress & Exit Marking Tape
Jessup 7760
Emergency Egress
Conformable Photoluminescent
Marking Tape

- for helmets & round handrails
luminescense after 5 min.
= 230 mcd/lux/sq.m

UL 1994 listed and
NYC RS6-1 compliant
1" x 20-ft $32.00 ph7760-1 Qty
1" x 100-ft $129.00
-4% @ 6 rolls
-8% @ 12 rolls
ph7760M1 Qty
Jessup 3420 Glow-in-the-Dark Tread Tape
Photoluminescent Tread Tape
Jessup 3420
Textured Tread Tape

for steps

luminescence after 10 min.
= 56 mcd/lux/sq.m

white in daylight,
glows greenish white
Complies with DIN 67510
ASTM 2072 and ASTM D1894
(see specifications)
Thickness: 19-mils (0.019")
1" x 60' $65.00
-4% @ 6 rolls
-8% @ 12 rolls
phTT1 Qty
7530 Long-Life Glow-in-the-Dark Tape
2" & 1" only Glow-in-the-Dark
Jessup 7530
Long-life 10-hour
Glo Brite Vinyl Tape

- for flat surfaces only
not for round handrails
luminescence after 10 min.
= 72 mcd/lux/sq.m

white in daylight,
glows greenish white
Complies with DIN 67510
ASTM 2072 and MIL-3891B

Thickness: 11-mils (0.011")
1" x 150' $88.00
-5% @ 6 rolls
-10% @ 12 rolls
phLR1 Qty
2-3 days to ship
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