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Tape Dispensers:  We carry hand-held and countertop tape dispensers in several sizes.  We have dispensers that can handle multiple rolls of tape.  The versatile LTR dispenser handles up to eleven rolls of tape (on either 1-inch or 3-in cores).  We also have hand-held dispensers for 1-inch and 2-inch wide tape.  All of these dispensers work with all of our carton sealing, vinyl, and paper tapes on 3-inch cores, however, none of them support duct or gaffers tape - those rolls are too large.

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1/2-inch Tape Dispenser3/4-inch Dispensers for Chart Tape & Map Tape Hand Held Tape Dispenser
ONLY for Label Tape and
Vinyl Identification Tape
up to 3/4" wide
(not for harness tape or masking tape)
now $0.50
mctd.75 Qty
1-in. Tape Dispenser Hand Held Tape Dispenser
Metal: for 1-inch Masking,
Vinyl, or Filament Tape
(3-inch dia. cores only)
now $2.00
mctd1 Qty
2-in. Tape Dispenser Hand Held Tape Dispenser
Plastic: for 2-inch Carton Sealing,
Vinyl & Filament Tape.
Has retractable blade guard.
(Not for Duct or Gaffer Tape)
(3-inch dia. cores only)
now $1.50
mctd2p Qty
1-Roll Tape Dispenser 1" Counter Top
Tape Dispenser

for single rolls of
masking tape. vinyl tape, label tape,
and harness tape (w/adaptors)
(for both 1" & 3" cores)
$7.00 mcctd1 Qty
minimun 6
(per carton)
LTR Tape Dispenser 10" LTR Counter Top Tape Dispenser -
comes with 6 pairs of swing arms
Painted Steel - 5#
(Not for Duct Tape)
(1-inch or 3-inch cores)
For Details
& Pricing
Click Here
* none of the dispensers above support duct tape or gaffer tape - those rolls are too large to fit in them.
Ronan 2-inch Adjustable Tape Slitter
This unique, 2-inch chrome-plated steel and aluminum tape slitter works with liner-backed or fabric tapes from 1/2-inch to 2 inches in width.  Simply move the cutting arm to the desired width, feed the tape into the slitter, lower the blade, and draw the tape through.  Two cleanly cut strips emerge.  It's fast, precise, and easy.  The slitter can be narrowed down to slit strips as narrow as 1/4" width.  It works great with reflective fabric tapes and any adhesive tape that has a peel-off backing or liner, such as our decorative metallic tapes.  Note: to avoid having a mess of spaghetti when slitting large rolls, it is far easier to cut them into 10 to 20-foot long pieces and then slit the shorter pieces.

Tape SlitterTape Slitter
2-inch Adjustable Slitter Slitting 1-inch Tape

Rollover to Enlarge
Ronan Adjustable 2" Tape Slitter
comes with one arm w/reversible blade
works ONLY with tape
with a peel-off backing OR
sew-on reflective fabric tapes
Out mcsltr2 See Hoopologie.com
Tube of 10 Slitter Blades Slitter Blades (10-pack)
blades are reversible
now $4.20
mcsbld10 Qty
3 Blade Holders w/ Blades Blade Holder (1)
with blade & screw
$3.00 mcshold1 See Hoopologie.com
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