Colored Vinyl & Hazard TapeColored Vinyl & Hazard Tapes
COLORED VINYL TAPES - These 6-mil thick adhesive colored vinyl tapes are available in up to 16 colors in seven widths ranging from 1/4-inch to 4-inch.  These tapes have many uses, ranging from schematics on utility panels to markings for plant and warehouse floors (OSHA and hazard-striped tapes).  They are also used for general color coding, color guard poles, agility obstacles, mat and vinyl repair, and wall striping.  They are highly adhesive and resistant to sun, water, oil, fungus and chemicals, have a semi-gloss finish, and can be written on with permanent markers.  Their useful temperature range is from -20ºF to 170ºF, but should be applied when the tape is nearer normal temperatures.  Vinyl floor-marking & hazard tapes are available as single rolls or in full carton quantities at discounts.

a) 1/4" Solid Colors
b) 1/2" Solid Colors
c) 3/4" Solid Colors
d) 1" Solid Colors
e) 2" Solid Colors
f) 3" Solid Colors
g) 4" Solid Colors
h) Hazard & Safety (Stripes & Checks)